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Destiny 2, Feels Familiar, but is that good or bad?

LuZo Sep 9

Krishna, Ravi, Sarah and Arjuna are going back to their roots with an audio-only episode! The gang talks about Destiny 2 and whether or not they like it. They also talk about the new HBO show “The Deuce”, touch on the new season of “Bojack Horseman”, talk about black holes and some Nerdiverse news.

Is Destiny 2 an upgrade over Destiny? Did Bungie actually improve the game? What is “The Deuce?”  Is it the next “Game of Thrones?” Is “Bojack Horseman” Season 4 as good as the previous seasons? Are there two black holes in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy? Who will direct Star Wars Episode IX? Why was Colin Trevorrow fired?

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