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Are the Patriots bad? | The Lateral #56

LuZo Sep 9

Will the Patriots turn it around?

The NFL season opener was great for everyone that wasn’t a Patriots fan. For those that are fans of the 5-time Super Bowl champions, it was a train wreck. The game started off well, the Patriots dominating offensively and forcing a turnover early. But defensive issues cropped up with long TD drives and an inability to get off the field. The Chiefs offense looked like they could do whatever they wanted whenever they wanted.

The Patriots offense started to slow down after the initial stop on fourth-and-one in the Redzone. It was pathetic by the fourth quarter. Really, the entire Patriots team was pathetic in the fourth quarter. The offense sucked and the defense was in preseason form. It was embarrassing to give up three consecutive touchdowns and watch a close game turn into a blowout.

Now the Patriots should be able to turn it around. This team has been the best at just about everything since 2001. After one week, the Patriots can’t be written off, especially when most of their problems (lack of chemistry on offense and not blowing assignments on defense) can be fixed.

But, the Patriots have a very stiff test in the New Orleans Saints in Week 2. The last time the Patriots faced the Saints in New Orleans was in 2009. The Saints dominated that game and that season as they went on to win the Super Bowl.

The Saints aren’t as good as they were then, and the Patriots aren’t as bad. But if Alex Smith can throw for 300+ yards and four touchdowns, what the hell will Drew Brees do to the Patriots porous defense at home in his comfy dome?

Stay tuned.

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